What To Do When Your Child Hates School

Thousands of parents go through the same thing every day. Maybe your child is being bullied, or maybe they’re struggling to keep up. Perhaps they’re bored, or maybe they have social or learning difficulties. Whatever the reason, it makes everyone’s life hell.

That is why Antonia Chitty has written, What to do when your child hates school: How to See Your Child Off to School with a Smile Again

a guide to solving problems with school. You’ll have tried what you can already, but there are lot more ideas too, whatever kind of solution you want.:

– How to talk to the school to get the problems resolved

– How to change schools within the state system

– Alternative schools, from Montessori and Steiner to boarding school

– Home education

– Flexischooling and home tutoring

There is an answer and this book will help you find it. It may take a while, but its only a matter of time before your child will be happy to get up in the mornings, and may even head off to school with a smile. Read tips from the book over at the Times Education website.

About the author:

Antonia Chitty is an experienced author and journalist. As a mum of three and a school governor, Antonia has experienced the UK educational systems from two angles, and has a number of links with home educators and small schools, as well as dealing with sorting out her own daughters problems at school.

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