Things I’ve done by 41

Rather than do an “xx things I want to do by the time I’m however old”, I’m looking back things I’m proud of achieving in the 41 years I have been here..

  1. Writing a book, then a whole load more books!
  2. Having set up a successful business
  3. The number of mums I have helped grow their businesses
  4. The business partnerships I have set up
  5. My 3 kids…
  6. … and creating a flexible way to work so I am there for them as much as is good for all of us
  7. and having given birth to Kit in 3.5 hours with just gas and air (not that I wouldn’t have had an epidural if there had been time)
  8. and – still related to having Kit – I am proud of having made it through 6 months of not being able to walk.
  9. And getting back to being able to run (a bit – another work in progress!)
  10. My relationships with my parents
  11. Getting a degree
  12. Moving out of home in suburban Surrey to inner city Bradford and having an amazing time
  13. Travelling to countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, Canada, the USA, the Gambia, as well as Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium and Hungary.
  14. Living by the sea in a fab home
  15. Being incredibly happy with my life and home and not having to strive for ‘just one more thing to be happy’.
  16. Being within reach of paying off our mortgage  – ask me next year on that one!
  17. But also owning another house and a third of a house!
  18. Having a successful relationship for 15+ years (except when we are both sleep deprived)
  19. Appearing on national TV and radio, with confidence, on plenty of occasions
  20. Writing for Which magazine for 3 years
  21. And appearing in other magazines
  22. And still writing freelance features
  23. And being a confident speaker at professional events
  24. Being able to horseride (a bit!)
  25. Having cast off a very Christian upbringing to create my own world view
  26. Won the ‘inspirational businessmum’ award and made it into this year’s Mumpreneur 100!
Things I’d like to do include:
  1. Go to India
  2. Learn to sail
… but basically I’m very content with my lot right now!

~ by Antonia Chitty on May 31, 2011.

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